About the collection

A revolutionary wood flooring and wall covering marquetry.

Timeless pattens of preassembled End-Grain wood blocks on tongue/groove planks.

Resourced, tailored and assembled by Oscar Ono Paris.

Designed by Raphael Navot

Raphael Navot is an Independent multidisciplinary, non-industrial designer, lives and works in Paris. Focuses on custom made design and made-to-measure interiors, combining traditional methods with contemporary ’savoir-faire’.

More info on www.raphaelnavot.com

What is end-grain?

End-Grain is simply a way of cutting wood across the growth rings. What we usually see in flooring is Flat-Grain which is the way of cutting wood perpendicular to the tree’s growth lines. End-Grain method is an ancient tradition that has been used over the world for its many benefits such as strength and sound reducing qualities. These wood blocks have been slowly abandoned due to the complexity of preparation and labour required prior to its assembly.

Oscar Ono and Raphael Navot spend the last couple of years to revive this wondrous tradition and to give it a new contemporary life. A highly crafted yet easy to assemble parquet in an uncompromising quality: Forêt

Manufactured by Oscar Ono Paris

Oscar Ono Paris is a manufacturer of parquets and veneers, including custom handcrafted wood treatments, serving sophisticated international design professinals.

More info on www.oscarono.fr

The Patterns

Possible patterns

Roof right + Roof left
FORÊT mix (modeles mix pattern)

Available finishes

All finishes are natural, to-the-core, and made without coloration

(for wall covering only)





Private Appartement | Paris

Private Appartement | Paris


How it works

Assembly of the boards

Thanks to the female grooves and male tongues, these endgrain wood blocks are installed as any other standard parquet following the cascade principe.

Download the installation guide for foret-mix

of Ready-to-install boards

8mm European endgrain (5/16 inch) + 12mm birch AAA-marine plywood (15/32 inch) = 20mm thick boards (3/4 inch).

Female grooves on long sides + mobile Male tongue = installation as a normal parquet.


Width of boards vary between 40mm (1,57 inch) and 200mm (7,9 inch),
depending on the pattern.
Thickness of the boards is 20mm (3/4 inch)

Application areas?

Can be used for both flooring and wall covering.
It contains +/- 10% moisture and is therefore designed for an ideal relative humidity of 40 to 60%, meaning indoor.


All the endgrain wooden blocks are originated from minimum 30-year old European beams.
All other components are FSC certified (FSC# C121809).

How to stock?

The Forêt marquetry should be stored in the room of installation at least 72 hours prior to installation.

How to apply?

Choose preferably a glued installation rather than a nailed one.
(recommended: mono-component polyurethane glue from SIKA)

During installation, ambient humidity of 40% to 60%, temperature 18° to 24°.

Fire Resistance?

Certified M3 rating (following the irabois ranking) we offer an M2 possibility at additional cost.

Underfloor heating

The technicity of the Forêt Patterns makes this collection adapted for underfloor heating.

Floor temperature should never exceed 27°.

Saw Wastage

As a general rule, predict minimum 7% of wood cut-offs in addition to the surface coverage.



620€/m2 public price excluding VAT and shipping (65$/ft2)

Professional rates are available on simple request.

Project size may affect the rates, therefore please use the form on your right in order to receive a personalised quote. (or call us)

The boards are shipped with DIY installation guide and can be installed by any certified professional as simple as any parquet floor.

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